Car Tracking

Safe Fleet Vehicle and Asset Tracking provides vehicle tracking and recovery services as well as an advanced fleet monitoring system with management capabilities that offer much more features than a standard
GPS Tracking system. The System is backed by technicians and engieneers with the ability to customize, expand and successfully deploy it to
virtually any application. Safe Fleet can help you save time and expense
with a low maintenance and hassle free solution. We also provide stolen
vehicle recovery service across Southern Africa.

Tracking services

Personal Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle theft has become a common occurrence across the country. As a result it has become a necessity for one to track their car, regardless of the brand or age.

Vehicle tracking companies have made a killing by over charging clients. Safe Fleet having studied the cost of vehicle tracking for a considerable amount of time have discovered that vehicle tracking for theft only should be affordable and no car should be left untracked.

Our tracker covers you for 12 months at a very low price plus Monthly maintenance Fees, 24 hrs recovery service across Southern Africa, 12 months guarantee, 24 hr support, Tracking Certificate for your insurer.

Fleet Monitoring

No matter the size of your fleet, you need to monitor it. If someone else is driving your car it is imparative that you track it. Our fleet monitoring system allows you to track all vehicle movements in real time. You will be able to see all trips, all stops and historical trips going back 90 days. We offer a flexible pay as you go contract that allows you to stop any time. Our system is available on all major mobile stores and online. You can use it on multiple devices simultaneously at no extra cost. This system is ideal for Cab companies and Car Rental Companies Goods Transporters and Delivery Companies Tractors Owners Taxi and bus companies Personal cars that need monitoring

Sometimes you need more than just monitoring for your fleet. Safe Fleet provides a complete fleet management system that offer the following features and more;

Fuel Management: We install fuel level sensors that would monitor and record everything that goes in or out of your tank. You will get immediate alerts for fuel theft.

Geo-fencing:Our system will provide notifications when vehicles leave or enter designated areas such as cities, farms, homes, workshops etc. This allows you to monitor all movements in real time.

Over speeding alerts: You can set speed limits and get notified when your vehicle exceeds that limit. Our system also allows you to use road speed limits.

Flexible reporting: You can design your own reports on whatever information you might. Reports can also be sent to you automatically at pre-determined intervals.

Maintenance Scheduling: Our system allows you to schedule maintenance work based on time, mileage or engine hours as may be applicable in your operations..

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